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Digital Doodle: Drawing App Using MIT App Inventor This tutorial will show you how to create an app using MIT App Inventor. The app draws a line on the screen as the user drags a finger around. START A NEW PROJECT Go to Projects > Start new Project NAME THE PROJECT Give a suitable name for your Project SET THE SCREEN SO THAT IT DOES NOT SCROLL Select Screen1 under Components pane. From the Properties pane of Screen1 , uncheck the box next to " Scrollable " setting. ADD A CANVAS From the Drawing and Animation Palette, drag out a Canvas component on to Screen1 . CHANGE THE HEIGHT AND WIDTH OF THE CANVAS Under Components pane, select Canvas1 . Under Properties of Canvas1 , set both Height and Width properties to Fill parent . THAT'S ALL FOR THE DESIGNER This basic app only needs a Canvas . SWITCH TO BLOCKS EDITOR Switch to Blocks editor to program the app. GET A Canvas.Dragged EVENT BLOCK

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